Projects in Development

Dream Walkers

Web-Based Sci- Fantasy Series

Between two worlds of living and dead is the realm of judgment. Convened not for bad or good, but the damned. Given the choice of a lesser hell they create the balance that rides natures very destiny...human fate. Within dreams souls are fought and futures laid. Here that destiny can be won, lost and often interrupted, here in the dreams sphere are the Dream Walkers.

Navvie Life 



Elvanfoot / The Navvies Graveyard -
 For over 150 years, the Scottish mystery of who buried these amazing people in the
middle of a field and not the adjacent church, as well as what  actually caused their deaths
 has been unknown…until now.

Reflective Truth 

Drama Fantasy

15 minute short


A tramp witnessing Christmas Eve, its celebration via violence, greed, waste, injustice & prejudice.
 Turned away, ridiculed by shop owners, police, church alike for being unclean and unwanted.
Huddled in an alley he’s seen, given sustenance, kind warm words and a blanket,
The volunteer turns to leave as an intense light illuminates around her; there stands an Angel,
Judging the truth of what Christmas has become to what it should be and those who truly
 interpret its meaning ‘Peace to ALL.’

Of A Life Lived



Each month a group of people meet at their local Art Gallery. Strangers to some but friends by definition...age.
Reminiscing of moments lived and people met. A collective hive of romances, laughter and stolen moments.
W.A.G. offers a chance to recall and share those details via aromas and mementos,  bridging forgotten times.
Here we get to meet the people and their stories of a life lived.


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All rights reserved.