Button City

Devised/ Directed: Jay Summers
Photographer: T. Challen

2009 Exhibitions

Nottingham Trent Gallery, U.K.
Coventry Municipal Building, U.K.

2008 Exhibitions

Municipal Building, U.K.

Leicester Losby Gallery, U.K.

2007 Exhibition

Municipal Building, U.K.

Button City is a convergence of observational and contemporary views based upon an imaginable metropolis that has shaped many of the famous skylines around the world. It is with this in mind you too can enjoy the imaginative evolution of a city made from thrown away remotes and mobiles and share the captured splendour and tribute to Architectural engineering that creates not just dwellings and work areas... but communications and leisure, including a life like homage to the 9/11 event.

 SFX Injury Simulation

(Examples of arm & facial lacerations that I created)

Snow Shots

Photographer: Jay Summers