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Dream Walkers
Web-Based Sci-Fantasy Series

Between the worlds of living and dead is the realm of judgment.
Convened not for good and the bad, but the damned. Given the choice
of a lesser hell they create the balance that rides natures very destiny...
human fate. Within your dreams souls are fought and futures laid. Here that
 destiny can be won, lost and often interrupted, here in the dreams
sphere are the Dream Walkers.

Reflective Truth
Drama Fantasy
15 minute short

A tramp appears in a town centre he witnesses a society on Christmas eve and their social interaction via violence, greed, waste, injustice and prejudice all within minutes, a typical downtown night he's told. Turned away, spurned even ridiculed by shop owners, police, even representation of church he huddles in an alley. Here he is approached and given food and drink as well as a blanket by a volunteer. In a moment of thanks, the volunteer turns to leave as a massive light illuminates behind her.....there stands an Angel, reflective of the truth of what Christmas has now become to what it should be.

Lesson of Life
Drama Fantasy
15 minute short

An accident and parents weep as they watch the fight for life and loss of their child.Two parents once at war with each other brought together in grief. In moments, their future is seen through shot images of a burial, arguments, togetherness and another child...a family. returning to mortal world and time. Elsewhere in the same hospital is the birth of an infant against the odds with parents proud and relieved. As the parents pass in a corridor, the baby eyes and mind see and recognise the grieving pair and know he has been given another chance to live as that lesson is now completed.

Living History

A communities collective memories of the life, loves, jobs, housing even immigration a social infrastructure that created their community and it's changes from archive footage to present day.
 A total evaluation of two generations one community.

Copyright ©Jay Summers 2008
All rights reserved.